University of Illinios at Chicago, UIC
European Center for Nuclear Research, CERN

With the CMS Heavy Ion Collaboration at CERN

The CMS Heavy Ion Collaboration includes professors, postdocs, and grad students from:
Athens, Aukland, Budapest, CERN, Chongbuk, Colorado, Cukurova, Iowa, Kansas, Korea,
Los Alamos, Lyon, Maryland, Minnesota, MIT, Moscow, Mumbai, Rice, Seoul, Vanderbilt,
UC Davis, UI Chicago, and Zagreb

I mostly collaborate with a small group from UIC, MIT, and Vanderbilt

Why Collide Heavy Ions? (for the layman)

Exerpt from my Ph.D. dissertation.

My research interests include...

Relativistic heavy-ion collisions
Quark-gluon plasma
Monte Carlo techniques, Kalman filtering, Fourier decomposition, factor analysis, and regression.
I am now exploring how I can apply these techniques to the financial markets.

Current projects

I am starting a new job at swissQuant as a Quant Engineer.
I am currently relaxing, and studying finance from home.